Our 2019 Sessions

Traditional 4 Week Sessions

Session One

June 10th - July 7th

Session Two

July 8th - August 4th

Introductory 2 Week Sessions

Session Three

June 10th - June 23rd

Session Four

June 24th - July 7th

Session Five

July 8th - July 21st

Session Six

July 22nd - August 4th

Family Camp 2019

August 6th - August 11th

We follow the same schedule Monday through Saturdays. Campers participate in two “sign-up” activities in the morning and two activities in the afternoon. Free times offer girls the opportunity to write a letter home, play games outside, take a shower, or simply relax before the next fun activity. In the evenings the entire camp is engaged in a huge all-camp activity run by our Program Director, like Open Waterfront, Capture the Flag, Carnival, or Lip Sync Night. 

On Sundays girls enjoy fresh homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast - a long standing Birchwood Tradition. Morning activities involve a variety of hobbies taught by the oldest girls in camp. After lunch girls enjoy a long rest hour before engaging in an active afternoon of light-hearted tournaments and team events. A big BBQ buffet dinner is held outside on the deck of the Dining Hall overlooking Steamboat Lake. Afterwards, the day is capped off with a joyful and meaningful night of singing around a bonfire at the Campfire Circle.

Our Daily Schedule

7:30 Power Hour (optional)

8:30 Wake Up Bell

8:45 Hopper Bell

8:55 Flag Raising Bell

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Morning Caper Time

10:15 – 11:15 Activity 1

11:15 – 11:30 Morning Snack

11:30 – 12:30 Activity 2

12:45 Hopper Bell

1:00 Lunch

1:30 – 2:30 Rest Hour

2:30 – 3:30 Activity 3

3:45 – 4:45 Activity 4

4:45 “Merchandise” Store

5:15 Hopper Bell

5:30 Dinner (followed by “Free Time”)

6:45/7:00 Evening Activity

8:00 Evening Snack & Cabin Time Together

life at birchwood

Our Activities

Activities at Birchwood engage every age of camper at every skill level. There is no experience necessary to participate in any activities at Birchwood and all the equipment is provided!

At every activity campers of all ages learn, hands-on, in a supportive and encouraging setting. Activities are led by qualified, well-trained adults who hold current certifications necessary to maintain safety at all times. 

At almost every activity, one or two of our amazing Senior Campers are also there as the Activity Assistants. Our Teen Leaders choose an activity at the start of their session to spend 2 hours each day assisting in. It is such a great opportunity for these older girls to learn how to teach, develop their leadership skills and get to know younger campers!

Each day, campers go to the "sign up window" to choose four activities to do the following day.

Our Cabins

Our Cabin's are all pretty unique - some have been there since camp started! They are outfitted to make the most of the camp experience. Some of them sit just a few feet from the shores of Steamboat Lake. Others are nestled under canopies of trees further into the woods. Each cabin houses six to twelve girls in one central room, with an open doorway to the counselor’s quarters.

Girls are assigned cabins based on their session, age and grade at school. We only ever put girls of the same session length together so that they arrive and leave camp at the same time. 

Each cabin is clean, brightly lit and furnished with bunk beds, a family-style table for cabin gatherings and conversations, cubbyholes for storage of campers’ personal possessions, electricity and private bathrooms. Sunny front porches encourage neighborly visiting, clotheslines facilitate the drying of swimsuits and life jackets, and soft, wood-chip pathways join all of the cabins together into a cohesive community.

Hot showers and restrooms—cleaned and sanitized daily—are located in the camp shower house, a short walk away from any cabin.

Our Location

Perched on the shores of sparkling Steamboat Lake - a 600-acre body of water in Minnesota’s “Northwoods” - Camp Birchwood is a 3.5 hour’s drive north from the Twin Cities.

Nestled atop a white-sandy beach surrounded by tall, fragrant pine trees, Camp Birchwood enjoys scenic vistas of Steamboat Lake from morning to night. Rarely visited by outside anglers or boaters—Steamboat is a pristine, quiet lake known for its peaceful surroundings and sparkling clean waters. Its shallow, gradual slope to the center allows its waters warm up quickly in May, offering a full summer’s worth of fun and comfortable aquatic amusement.

From the center of camp, over 400 acres of dense woodlands and grassy green pastures stretch in all directions, offering ample room to run every camp activity. Camper cabins are arranged in close proximity to one another, the dining hall, and the shower house. Open lawns and wood chip paths connect each location to one another, making Birchwood easy to live in for girls of all ages. 

Nearby camp there are several national forests, the headwaters of the Mississippi River, a scattering of quaint country towns, and many well-renowned outdoor recreational areas. This offers campers the opportunity to explore camping and other outdoor adventures in a setting that is next to none.