Meet Our Team

Every spring we literally search the globe for the most enthusiastic, skilled and hardworking staff available. Our ladies are many things - all at once - all summer long. They are bug sisters, mentors, cheerleaders, nurses, coaches, and passionate instructors. This summer more than half of our staff are previous campers or staff members and love Birchwood through and through. We can't wait to introduce them to you! - click on the different areas of camp below to learn about them.

Meet our directors


Terry Bredemus grew up at camp, and loved every second of it.  His parents Jim and Nancy Bredemus started camp in 1958, and Terry has worked most of his life to honor and continue their legacy.

    Terry runs all things business-related when it comes to camp (hiring, marketing, accounting, plant maintenance), but his true love is passing on a valuable skill to campers that they will cherish their whole lives.  His ability to engage and energize kids about sailing and windsurfing is unsurpassed.  Many ladies sail the high seas as adults and lots of our campers have joined sailing clubs and teams in college!

    Terry’s wife, Rachel, is in charge of staff training and management, and all things creative.  Her true passion is teaching kids - just like Terry - but she remains on land.  During the winter, Rachel volunteers as the “creative expression” teacher at Raintree Montessori in Lawrence, Kansas.  In the summer she teaches floral design, flower farming, and gardening plus a variety of crafts.  

Terry & Rachel Bredemus