Once a camper is enrolled, we will post a Parent Handbook Pack to the family that is full of information about all things Birchwood! Below are a few of the forms just in case you need a second copy. 

Prior to camp, we require a series of forms to be filled out by parents/guardians. We used to send these out as hard copies, but now we are “paper-less”. 

We process ALL FORMS online through our database, CampMinder. This same database is what you used to enroll your daughter. You can access your account anytime. If you cannot remember your log-in information let us know! 

Simply review the notes we have on each form in our Parent Handbook and then log-on. If you haven’t bookmarked it, go to www.campbirchwood.com and then click “Camp Account Log-in” under “Current Campers & Families” (at the bottom right of our launch page).

Travel information

We make traveling to camp simple, comfortable and FUN! 

Parents are responsible for making all travel arrangements, with the assistance of our own travel agent and our office personnel. Travel expenses are NOT included in the tuition fees. 

Girls have three options when it comes to traveling to/from camp:

  1. They can fly in/out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and ride a coach bus to/from camp.

  2. They can take a coach bus to/from Minneapolis.

  3. They can be dropped off and/or picked up from camp by car.

If you fly in/out of the Minneapolis airport, you are greeted personally at the gate upon arrival and delivered “by hand” upon departure. Girls traveling in large groups are provided a Birchwood chaperone – this includes all flights to/from Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City. This chaperone helps with ticketing, processes campers through security, and chaperones the flight itself.

To get to/from the airport, all girls who fly are automatically booked on a private coach bus for the 3.5 hour trip to Birchwood. Counselors on the bus make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. 

If transportation is only necessary from Minneapolis, a separate coach bus is provided to transport girls to/from a suburb called Hopkins. To reserve a seat on this bus, parents simply contact the camp office. 

If parents would like to visit camp, picking their daughter UP is a great way to tour the property and enjoy a visit. We don’t recommend dropping a camper off at Birchwood (since everyone else is on the bus enjoying that experience together). However we can make arrangements if that is necessary. Directions to/from camp are obtained by special request. 

Additional details and exact instructions for making travel reservations are explained in the PARENT HANDBOOK which is mailed out the first week in March.