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DIY Bookmarks

DIY Bookmark

What you need:

- Colored or patterned paper/Pages from coloring book.

- Hole punch

- Scotch Tape

- Packing tape or a laminator

- Markers

- Stickers

- Yarn

Start by choosing the paper you will be using. If you are going to be using packing tape to "laminate" make sure you cut your paper peices so that they are skinnier than your tape.

Start by cutting the front and back piece, making sure that they are the same size.

Color, draw, or add stickers you would like on the front and back of your paper pieces.

Then take scotch tape and tape the front and back sides of the bookmark together!

Once your pieces are taped together, you are going to either faux laminate with tape or use a laminator.

Carefully align your bookmark onto the tape. This will seal and protect your bookmark!

Trim the excess tape off of the bookmarks, leaving just the slightest edge so that the tape can stay stuck together. Now take your hole punch and make a punch at the top of the bookmark as you can see below.

Use your yarn and cut short pieces that can be looped and knotted through the hole.

Pull the yarn through, trim the ends to the length that you like and ta-da! You have yourself a new bookmark! Make these with friends or for gifts!

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