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DIY Painted Pots

DIY Painted Pots

Supplies needed:


Paint brushes - some larger and some for tiny details

Plain unpainted plant pots - we used terracotta pots

1. First you are going to gather your supplies and make sure that you have something down on your workspace so you don't get paint on your surface.

2. Paint your base colors. We are painting white over the entire pot on some and leaving the top section bare to be painted another color on some. Paint one coat - let it dry and then give it another coat. We did two coats on all of our pots.

3. Then go ahead and paint your color on the top if you wish. Again, make sure you paint one coat and then let it dry and do another.

4. Once your base colors have dried, decide what kind of face you are going to paint on the pot. We chose to paint eyes closed with eyelashes and a small mouth. Get creative here! Paint whatever face you imagine.

5. Let your faces dry. Next, find a plant to put inside! A succulent or cactus or any plant you love would be adorable! If you or whomever you are gifting this little cutie too has a hard time keeping a plant alive, put a faux plant in instead!

This would be an amazing Valentines gift for a friend or your mom! We can't wait to see what you create!

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