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DIY Rope Key Chain

DIY Uber Cool Rope Key Chain


Rope of any kind and any width


Embroidery Floss

Fabric Glue or Hot glue gun

Us Birchwood girls tend to collect lots of embroidery floss (or friendship string as we call it at camp).

Here is a quick and easy way to use up those loose strands that are not quite long enough for a friendship bracelet!

All you need is a key ring (it doesn’t even need to be new or fancy), about 5-10 inches of rope depending on how long you want it, and some glue.

To start, run your rope through the key ring. Then “fold” your rope in half, making sure the ends line up. Apply a little fabric glue or glue with a hot glue gun to the center of the rope – in the area that you will wind your string.

Align an inch of “tail” on the glue, right in the seam. Then go to the “top” of where you want your first color to be and start winding.

Wind your floss around the rope very tightly, starting at the “top” and working down. Pay attention to how neatly your string is going on – if you can layer it nice and even it looks better.

When you are at the end of your color, leave another “tail” to get covered up with your new color. And when you start your new color, put down a beginning “tail” just like before.

Continue this process until you reach the “end” of your design. When you’re done wrapping, cut the string and “tuck the tail” into the center of the rope where you’ve wound all your floss. *This will be extra tight so use a blunt needle tip to push that “tail” into the design. Top with a little bit of hot glue or fabric glue to keep it secure.

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