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DIY Scrunchie

Two 3 x 24 inch strips of fabric (give or take) Thread Needle Elastic – 6 to 8 inches Safety Pins (optional) 1. Cut your fabric into equal strips 2. Turn your strips upside down so the “good” sides are facing each other. 3. Cut your thread to be a few inches longer than a strip. Then double it. Thread your needle so you have “two strands” and then tie them together at the ends – go ahead and do that 3-4 times to have a large knot. 4. Use a “running stitch” to sew one edge together. When you reach the end, tie a good fat knot. 5. Now repeat on the other side of the fabric to create a “tube”. 6. To turn your tube inside out, attach a safety pin to one side of the tube. Put it inside the tube and “run” it to the other end of the tube by bunching and scooting the fabric. 7. When your tube is turned right-side out, run your elastic inside of it by attaching the safety pin to the top of the elastic and bunching the tube of fabric up until all of it is on the elastic. 8. Tie the two ends of the elastic together using a SQUARE KNOT. 9. Turn the frayed, messy ends into the inside of tubes so you cannot see the stitching. If you want to secure this, sew a tiny knot through the fold and into the elastic. 10. Now you can slide that on your pony tail and be proud that you have made your own custom fashion accessory!

Don’t forget you can make these in a ton of different colors and sizes!!

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