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Upcycled Camp T-shirts

Updated: May 14, 2019

Upcycling/Re-purposing your camp shirts!

Have you grown out of a camp shirt but you cannot imagine giving it away or throwing it out!

Well now you don’t have to – just Upcycle it! All it takes is some of this funky fusible iron-on stuff and you can create a brand new T-shirt or an adorable tote bag you will most definitely use each and every day (like this one we made).

You will need:

Fusible Fabric

Good fabric scissors


Ironing Board

Bag if you want (Ours was $6 at Old Navy)

New Blank T-shirt, sweatshirt, or the like

  1. Make sure your camp t-shirt is freshly washed and has no wrinkles in it.

  1. Cut a large square around the printed design.(Save the rest of the t-shirt for a future project that is coming up!)

  1. Following the directions on the fusible fabric, cut a decent sized square to match the t-shirt design you cut out.

  1. Turn your t-shirt upside down and iron on the fusible fabric (paper side up). Make sure it has “adhered” fully.

  1. Cut and/or trim your design at this time.

  1. Peel off the paper so there’s a “sticky” side to the back of your design.

  2. Lay your design “face up” on your new t-shirt or bag.

  1. Iron again according to the directions – you will feel it “adhere” to the fabric.

  1. Let cool. Check again that it is “stuck” all the way.If not, go over it again with the iron.

  1. At this point, your new shirt or bag is ready!If you want, you can add decorative stitching around your design by hand or with a machine.

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