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Creative Clothespin Bulletin Board

Creative Clothespin Bulletin Board

Ok girls!

This craft is super fun, cheap and easy! You might have everything you need right at home already! AND – this is my favorite kind of craft – it serves a purpose! I love creating homemade items that I actually need and use, rather than just something pretty to look at (though that is worthwhile too, ok, ok I love it all, you gals know I do).

In any case, upcycling items in your home is the BEST! I always challenge myself with “can I make that rather than BUY that?” Not only will you love making art out of something you may otherwise ignore, you save money, and LOVE using it because it is 100% unique.

So this idea can expand into so many colors and sizes – it is up to you!

All you need are regular old cheap clothespins, some line or rope, and washi tape in some colors and designs you love.

Simply line up the washi tape on the top of the clothes pin and voila! Hang your rope or line somewhere you want to display things – whether it is cards people have written to you, inspirational quotes, or photos of you and your friends. You can also use this to display “to-do” lists, events that are coming up, motivational reminders, artwork you have done at home or school, goals you are aiming for, etc… the list goes on and on!

Don’t forget! Turn off that stinking phone for a bit, breathe deep, listen to some good music and enjoy the fun of working with color and texture. And remember – when it comes to arts and crafts there are no mistakes. If you don’t like the final product, give it to someone else – they will cherish something homemade!!

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