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Tissue Paper Roses

Updated: May 14, 2019

Tissue paper roses:

So these pretty little blooms are so fun to make!

They brighten up all kinds of projects and are fun to use as decoration all over the place.

With this project, these flowers go on the top of a cool macramé wall hanging. (Next week we will teach you the knot-tying part).

NOTE! The only trick with these is to be VERY CAREFUL with your hot glue gun. Use a “low temp” glue gun! Or, as an alternative, use “glue dots”. It is more expensive, but they hold just as well and won’t make a mess.


Tissue paper in any color you like for the flowers

Tissue paper in any color you like for the leaves

A round object for tracing such as an old DVD (we used a 5 inch embroidery hoop)

A pencil

Sharp scissors

Cardstock paper circles (about 1-2 inches) for the “base” of the flowers

  1. Open your tissue and lay very flat.

  2. Trace around the outside of your circle

  1. From the edge of the circle you have drawn, free-hand a “twirl” inside of it

  1. Cut along your pencil lines, following your lines so you have “curly-Q’s” at the end

  1. Take 1-2 layers of these tissue curly-Q’s and find the inside “beginning” part.Pinch the bottoms together, sort of forming a “bud” like a flower.

  1. Dab glue on the bottom of it (ignoring the rest of the tissue for now) and glue this “bud” to the center of your cardstock circle.

  1. Gradually continue to “wrap” the tissue around the bud, gluing the bottom of the papers to the cardstock circle as you go.

  2. You want to end at the outer edge of the cardstock circle.So continue to ruffle and tuck the tissue as you go – making it look like flower petals.

  1. Once you’re done, take 2-3 “leaves” and bunch their bases together so they have folds and contour.

  1. Glue these “leaf sets” underneath the “bloom” so all you can see are the pretty leaves underneath.

  1. Try making these flowers smaller or bigger – and once you have 8-9 set them aside for next week.

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