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Evanston, IL

Year 2 on Staff, 6 Year Camper

College: University of Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Senior

Waterfront Instructor

Maddie Schumm

Aspirations for the future: My plan is to graduate from College with a degree in Elementary Education and continue my licensure program in Chicago. Once back in Illinois, I hope to end up teaching math or being a math specialist for grades K-12. 

Top two items on Bucket List: To live in Germany for at least a year and to take the Amtrak across the country. 

Quote to Live By: "rememberyou're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." - Snow White

Chrissy S.jpg

Evanston, IL

Year 1 on Staff, 5 Year Camper

College: Michigan State University

Major: Chemistry

Year: Senior

Waterfront Instructor

Chatterbox Cabin Counselor

Chrissy Schumm

Aspirations for the future:  I am hoping to be a chemistry or math teach in Chicago, and maybe one day be a chemist. 

Top two items on Bucket List: I have always wanted to visit Hawaii! And another is to own a pet bunny. 

Quote to Live By: "If you want to be loved, be loveable."


Los Angeles, CA

Year 1 on Staff, 6 Year Camper

College: University of Kansas

Major: Nursing


Waterfront Instructor

Blue Heron Cabin Counselor

Fizz Martinoli

Aspirations for the future: I hope to be a labor and delivery nurse in a teaching hospital. 

Top two items on Bucket List: I hope to travel around Europe and to one day watch turtles hatch in their natural environment. 

Quote to Live By: my favourite is "Grow through what you go through."


Evanston, IL

Year 1 on Staff

College: Michigan State University

Major: Elementary Education

Year: Sophomore

Waterfront Instructor

Inn Cabin Counselor

Genevieve Lindley

Aspirations for the future: I hope to be an elementary school teacher and hopefully, after many years in the profession, I would love to open and run my own school. ​

Top two items on Bucket List: to professionals sing/record an original song and to learn how to ride a horse. 

Quote to Live By: "It's all about how you respond." - My dad


Brisbane, Australia

Year 1 on Staff

College: University of Queensland

Major: Journalism/International Business 

Year: Second Year

Waterfront Instructor

Hilltop Cabin Counselor

Alana Dale

Aspirations for the future: To graduate from university and then continue my Masters of Management in either New York or Italy. My long term goal is to be in an editorial position for a recognised magazine or newspaper company. I want to travel, explore and eat all the best donuts the world has to offer. 

Top two items on Bucket List: To see the Northern Lights and to try reach Mt Everest Base Camp. 

Quote to Live By: "You have brains in you head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." - Dr Suess

Amelia C.JPG

Lawrence, KS

Year 1 on Staff

College: Pomona College

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophomore

Waterfront Instructor

Roost Cabin Counselor

Amelia Carttar

Aspirations for the future:  Next year, I will mentor  new students at Pomona and be part of the Jumpstart program, a program that helps low-income families with preschool children.  At the moment, I am considering going into education or educational policy. 

Top two items on Bucket List: To see the Chilean singer Mon Laferte in concert and to watch a total solar eclipse on a clear day.

Quote to Live By: "Our model ships look perfect in their bottles, but we do not know if they are seaworthy. Sometimes the one that reaches your harbour has already been through the storm." - Sarah Kay



Eden Prarie, MN

Year 2 on Staff, 9 Year Camper

College: UW Eau Claire Wisconsin

Major: Biology (Dentistry)

Year: Sophomore

Sailing Instructor

Attic Cabin Counselor

Sydney Garski

Aspirations for the future: I hope to be as happy and successful as possible! I have always dreamed of being a dentist and I hope that dream will one day be fulfilled. I also hope to one day have a big family and if I have girls to send to Birchwood of course!

Top two items on Bucket List: To sail the Greek Islands (which I'm checking off this summer) and to skydive - even though I am terrified of heights. 

Quote to Live By: "Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." - Misty Copeland


Minnetonka, MN

Year 2 on Staff, 7 Year Camper

College: University of Kansas

Major: Industrial Design

Year: Junior

Sailing Instructor

Inn Cabin Counselor

Ally Krekelberg

Aspirations for the future: To be able to travel and have a job that I truly love. To be surround by people that make me happy!

Top two items on Bucket List: Two things that are at the top of my bucket list are to live abroad at some point and to go skydiving

Quote to Live By: One of my favourites quotes that reminds me of all of the amazing summers that I have spent at camp is from Winnie The Pooh - "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."


Mound, MN

Year 1 on Staff, 9 Year Camper

College: University of Minnesota

Major: Global Studies

Year: Sophomore

Sailing Instructor

Hilton Cabin Counselor

Nor Erdman

Aspirations for the future: Traveling is important to me and with my studies, I want to travel to Africa- I hope to get to teach or help schools and kids that don't get the best education. I would also love to join the Peace Corps. 

Top two items on Bucket List: I want to sail the world! I would love to live on a sailboat someday. Secondly, I want to write my own book. I don't know what about but I think it would be awesome to have something published. 

Quote to Live By: "When the power of love overcomes that love of power the world know peace." - Jimi Hendrix